Fleet Defensive Driving On-Line Certification

Reduces Risk for Accidents

DriveSafe Online® incorporates full-screen narrated video with interactive scenarios and assessment questions that keep employees interested. When team members are engaged in their training, they are more likely to remember the safety strategies and techniques when it matters most…on the road. Better training encourages safer drivers, which means reduced risk for preventable accidents.

Their one-hour on-line course content includes:

  1. Traffic Safety
    • Fatalities
    • Injuries and Property Damage
  2. Traffic Laws and Procedures
    • Passing
    • Right-of-way
    • Turns
    • Stops
    • Speed Limits
    • Railroad Crossings
    • Signs, Signals, and Markings
    • Intersections
    • Emergency Vehicles
    • Occupant Restraints
  3. Driving Environments
    • Inclement Weather
    • Driver Responses
    • Specific Conditions
    • Dawn/Dusk/Nighttime
  4. Factors Influencing Driver Performance
    • Aggressive Driving
    • Drowsy Driving
    • Alcohol Impairment
    • Legal Aspects—DWI/DUI
    • Other Intoxicants
    • Distracted Driving
  5. Defensive Driving
    • Trip Planning
    • Defensive Strategies

Reference link: https://www.drivesafeonline.org/