ACA Workers’ Compensation Claims Services

At AIA, we pride ourselves on working with the very best in the business. That’s why we partnered with Associated Claims Administrators (ACA) to handle our workers’ compensation claims functions. 

About ACA:

ACA is a workers’ compensation claims administrator that we have developed a strong working relationship with over the years. 

Personal trust is the cornerstone of our business. We partner with businesses who align with us in that goal. ACA is a prime example of that—they continuously help us to offer quick, high-quality service for injured workers, small businesses, and more. 

Experience & Expertise

ACA has provided workers’ comp claims management for over 15 years. Their ability to manage costs for business owners and provide fast, fair claims service for work-related injuries makes them an industry leader among companies servicing workers’ compensation claims.

ACA works to manage claims and communicate with adjusters, employers, medical providers, and employees. From the start of a claim through settlement, ACA effectively and professionally administers medical-only and compensation claims.

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Claims Administration

  • End-to-end claims management solutions
  • Three-point Contact (insured, injured worker, and medical provider)
  • Claims management integrated with underwriting
  • Robust claims management information system
  • Care management solutions
    • Nurse case management
    • Bill review
    • Pharmacy benefits management
    • Clinical consultation
    • Return to work program
  • Medicare set-asides and MMSEA compliance
  • Special investigations unit
  • Recoveries / Structured settlements
  • TPA capabilities under Associated Claims Administrators (ACA) for self-insureds and captives (combined 65 years experience)

Cost Management

  • Immediate assignment of case management personnel on serious claims
  • Utilization of third-party medical bill review and auditing service to identify billing errors, including unbundling, duplicate and/or erroneous medical procedure coding
  • Pre-negotiated discounts with Preferred Provider Organizations
  • Prescription drug programs
  • Attorneys specializing in Workers’ Comp located throughout the territory
  • On-site investigation and/or subrogation evaluation, especially in circumstances of possible catastrophic claims, questionable events, prospective subrogation, or suspected fraud

Loss Control Resources

  • Claims analysis to identify loss trends and provide insight where deficiencies may be present
  • Risk management consultants who provide tailored solutions for specific industries
  • On-site meeting with underwriting, claims, and loss control representatives upon request
  • Website database with links to OSHA publications, training videos and reference materials, state-specific guidance for establishing and maintaining drug-free workplaces, as well as many other resources
  • Loss control and claims work closely together to investigate and manage subrogation in the event of an injury requiring this type of attention

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