Workers' Comp Claims Services

AIA's claims functions are handled by Associated Claims Administrators (ACA).

ACA is a workers’ comp claims management company with a personal trust based approach. Our #1 priority is to develop exceptional business partner relationships that allow us to meet unique customer needs. We deliver meaningful benefits that drive superior results and a top-rated customer experience.

Experience and Expertise

ACA has been providing workers’ comp claims management for over 15 years and its primary supervisors have worked together for over 25 years. ACA’s ability to manage costs and provide fast, fair claims service makes them an industry leader in servicing workers' compensation claims. ACA combines claims management and communication with and between the adjuster, employer, medical provider, and employee to effectively and professionally administer each claim from the beginning through settlement of medical only and compensation claims.


Program Highlights

- End-to-end claims management solutions

- Claims management information system

- Care management solutions

-- Nurse case management

-- Bill review

-- Utilization review

-- Pharmacy benefits management

-- Clinical consultation

-- Return-to-work

-- Peer review

-- Catastrophic care management

- Medicare set asides and MMSEA compliance

- OSHA compliance tools and resources

- Recoveries

- Special investigation unit

- Structured settlements

- Loss prevention